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Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

Read about the privacy policy for PKMer. If you have a question pleasecontact usand we will help you out as soon as we can.

We firmly believe that the PKMer community can provide you with excellent products and effectively protect your privacy. This means that we will strive to only collect the personal information we need, depending on your interaction with PKMer. PKMer only uses your personal information when there is a legitimate legal basis. Depending on the specific circumstances, PKMer may need to obtain your consent before processing such information, or it may be necessary to process such information based on the performance of a contract with you, the protection of your or others’ vital interests, or the fulfillment of legal obligations. PKMer will not make any decisions that significantly impact you without providing an opportunity for human review, using algorithms or analytics. For further information on various aspects, we recommend referring to the PKMer Privacy Policy.

Processing sensitive personal information

PKMer prioritizes security and user privacy, so we strive to collect as little personal information related to you as possible in our products. However, we may collect and use your sensitive personal information in accordance with applicable laws and our privacy policy. PKMer will only process such information when it is necessary to provide you with PKMer products and services and only with your consent. For example, if you need to register to complete a purchase on a related website, your personal email address may be obtained. If you refuse to provide such information or do not agree to PKMer’s processing of such information, we may not be able to provide you with specific products or services.

Cross-border transfer of personal information

Your personal information may be transferred to entities around the world or accessed by them; this mainly applies to multinational entities that ensure you can still access your account and data. Your personal information will only be used for the purpose of providing products or services to you, fulfilling agreements we have with you, or other purposes based on your consent (as further specified here or in other parts of the PKMer Privacy Policy).

PKMer complies with applicable laws for transferring personal information between different countries/regions to ensure that your project data enjoys the same high level of privacy protection, regardless of where the project data is processed.

PKMer will provide statements about our privacy practices in its privacy policy. In addition, for certain products and features that require the use of your personal information, PKMer will embed data and privacy information containing such statements. These product-specific details will be displayed along with our data and privacy icons.

Please do not use any of PKMer’s products and services to store inappropriate information related to women or children. PKMer recognizes the importance of protecting children’s personal information and will handle children’s personal information in accordance with its privacy policy. PKMer also treats children’s personal information as sensitive personal information and complies with specific rules regarding sensitive personal information as required by