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Sales Policies

Refund Policy

Refunds require a valid reason. If no valid reason is provided, a refund can be requested within 14 days of purchase for no reason. Requests for refunds beyond 14 days may be denied. When requesting a refund, please provide detailed reasons as most of our products offer trial versions or free features before purchase.

Refund Procedure

State the reason for the refund. Provide your personal registration information. Include payment details. Send an email to

Refund Processing Time

We will review your refund request within 7-15 business days. Please check your email for updates. If there are doubts regarding the refund reason, we will reply via email and request your active cooperation.

Non-refundable Cases

Refund requests cannot be made if the order/payment is still in pending status. Please try again after the payment is completed. If you have unpaid orders, please make the payment for the order before requesting a refund. You may need to update your